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Tubular Level Gauge is a tool that can help you to measure the level of liquid in a tubular. The measuring tool uses advanced technology and algorithms to calculate the depth of liquid and can be used for various purposes.

It is often used to measure the height of a liquid or gas that flows through it. This type of level gauge has many uses in the construction industry like water level gauges and gas level gauges.

Some of the applications of Tubular Level Gauge are:

  • Measure water levels in agricultural fields
  • Measure water levels in tanks or ponds
  • Measure water levels in aquariums
  • Measure the depth of liquid in a tubular

The Tubular Level Gauge has many features that make it easy to use. The most important feature of this device is its ability to measure water levels with high accuracy and precision. It also has a large LCD screen that makes it easier for operators to read the gauge.

It is a patented gauge that helps you to monitor the water level in your pool and keep it at the right level. It also comes with an app that will help you to monitor the water levels, set alarms, and more.

The features of the Tubular Level Gauge are:

  • Patented gauge design allows for easy monitoring of levels
  • Easy-to-use app allows for quick access to all features
  • Gauge automatically detects when it is tilted or raised
  • It is easily portable and can be connected to a computer via Bluetooth

Tubular Level Gauge is used in the construction industry and can be found in different types of applications such as building, mining, transportation and more.


Inside the indicator tube is a lightweight magnetized indicator or series of metallic flags. The indicator is magnetically coupled to the float and moves up and down with the liquid level. The indicator allows the operator to read the level from more than 100 feet away. The only moving parts are the float and the indicator.


Range : 1 - 20 mtrs
Gauge Board : Aluminium
Density : ≥0.8 g/cm3
Wtd Parts : SS304/316, PP
Max. Temp : 150°C
Max. Pressure : Atm
Options : Sealpot, Alarm Switches


Gauge : Borosilicate Glass x 16mm OD
Range (CCD) : 75 - 300mm
Wtd Parts : CS
Visibility : CCD minus 40mm
Process Connection : M12 OR M8 Banjo Bolts
Packing : Neoprene (700C) or Viton (1000C)
Max. Temp : 100°C
Max. Pressure : 1Kg/cm2


Reflex level gauges allow the medium to be viewed through a reflex glass: the side of the glass which is exposed to the medium has a prismatic surface, while the other side is smooth. The medium level inside the level gauge is indicated as the result of the light refraction principle, since the liquid filled area completely absorbs the rays of light and appears dark, whereas the rays of light are totally reflected in the gas/air filled area which appears bright.