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Teflon / PTFE /  PFA Lined Pipes and Equipment Manufacturers, Suppliers, Exporters in Pune

Our company “Perfectplus Engineering India Pvt. Ltd.” is the leading manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of Teflon Lined Pipes & Equipment, PTFE Lined Pipes & Equipment, PFA Lined Pipes in Pune from Pune.


PTFE or PFA Lined Pipes also known as Polytetrafluoroethylene or Perfluoroalkoxy Lined Pipes are defined as the ideally used solutions or equipment for processing the fluids of highly corrosive nature under various standard criteria.

These pipes are of chemically inert nature that provide the resistance to the major quantity of corrosive fluids to withstand the temperature ranges up to 230`C.

Teflon Lined Pipes & Equipment/ Ptfe Lined Pipes & Equipment/ Pfa Lined Pipes Offered By Our Company

Our Teflon Lined Pipes & Equipment/ PTFE Lined Pipes & Equipment/ PFA Lined Pipes manufacturer company in Pune produces the tough and flexible equipment for the process of tubing and fluid processing making them work in an efficient and cost-effective manner for our clients.

We Teflon Lined Pipes & Equipment/ PTFE Lined Pipes & Equipment/ PFA Lined Pipes suppliers in Pune offer the lined pipes which are best suitable for huge variety of purposes where the effect of highly corrosive chemicals is to be eliminated and work effectively as per the expectations of our clients.

Features Of Our Products

  • Less Stiffness In Working
  • Greater Resistance From Chemicals
  • Highly Pure Materials
  • Increased Life Of Pipe
  • Shell & Lining Design
  • Minimum Thickness