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What does Anthracite mean?

Anthracite is a type of carbon that has been compressed under high pressure and heat. This makes it possible to produce anthracite at temperatures as low as 500 degrees Celsius. It is the most common type of coal, and it is most commonly used for heat generation. It can also be used in smelting.

It is composed primarily of rock and graphite. It has a higher heating value than other types of coal, but it also produces less ash.

It is a type of coal that is formed when organic material, such as plant matter, dies and decays in the absence of oxygen. Anthracite does not burn as easily as other types of coal and it is often used for heating purposes.


Anthracite is known for its high heat value and low ash content. Anthracite coal is also known for its high purity levels - it contains less than 1% sulfur.

The properties of the anthracite are:

  1. Anthracite burns hotter with less pollution
  2. It produces more coke than other types of coal
  3. It has a higher heat value, higher caloric content, and longer healing times
  4. Anthracite is dense coal that conducts heat well
  5. It is harder than bituminous coal and more difficult to mine
  6. Benefits-
    • Anthracite is a type of coal that has the highest heat content and the lowest moisture content. It is often used in power plants, steel mills, and cement factories.
    • It is known for its high heat value, which makes it ideal for use in industrial boilers and furnaces. It can also be used to generate electricity from heat.
    • The benefits of anthracite include low emissions and CO2 emissions when compared to other types of coal. Anthracite does not have any sulfur content either which makes it safer for human health as well as the environment.