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What is Activated Carbon?

Activated carbon is a form of carbon that has been treated with a chemical process to make it porous. This process allows the carbon to absorb gases and liquids, like CO2 and hydrocarbons, from the air or water. Activated carbon is also used in various industries for purification and filtration purposes.

It is used in purification systems because it can absorb a wide range of chemicals and odors. It also gives off a negative charge which makes it an effective way to remove unwanted substances like chlorine and ammonia from the water.

It is said to have the ability to absorb a wide range of chemicals including pesticides, industrial pollutants, and heavy metals.

Characteristic features-

Activated Carbon is a form of carbon that is in the form of powder or granules. It is most often used to remove contaminants from water, air, and industrial gases. It is a compound that can remove pollutants and impurities from the air.

The process of producing activated carbon involves heating coal or other forms of charcoal at very high temperatures up to 1,400 degrees Celsius. The resulting material is then ground into a fine powder and placed into a mold to create desired shapes.

Industrial Applications:

Activated Carbon is widely used in industries like mining, water treatment, pharmaceuticals, electronics, and chemical manufacturing. It also finds use in the medical industry as it helps to remove harmful gases and odors from the air.


Activated Carbon is a natural porous substance that absorbs and removes harmful chemicals, odors and pollutants. It is also a great source of carbon dioxide (CO2) which helps to reduce the levels of greenhouse gas emissions.

There are many benefits of using Activated Carbon such as:

  • It eliminates pollutants like CO2, VOCs, PFCs and other toxic chemicals from the air
  • It filters out bacteria from water
  • It removes bad smells from water or air
  • It can be used as an additive for fertilizer