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Conical Strainer/Resin Trap Manufacturers/Suppliers/Exporters in Pune from India

Our company “Perfectplus Engineering India Pvt. Ltd.” is one the leading manufacturers, suppliers, exporters of Conical Strainer/Resin Trap in Pune from India.

Conical strainers are used to remove particles from fluids such as water, oil or a mixture. Our Conical strainers are also used in the water treatment plant to remove the unwanted particles like dust wire, small pebbles,and help to save the machine from the solid particles that helps fluid machines to give the superior performance extend the life of machines.

Benefits :

Conical strainers are generally used in the production of various products that require filtration. When you're working with a process where particles or materials are being filtered, this is a vital component. They also remove particulate material and can be used in both hot and cold water environments Conical strainers are a type of fine mesh metal screens that can be used for various tasks. Quick filtration in water machines.

Resin Trap

Resin trap are used in the filtration of water that is mainly used before the drain hole so that the filtration smoothly occurs and it is made up of corrosion resistant alloy steel material that will protect from the pH value of water. Client information

Rs 800 / nos

Conical Strainer is a temporary type of strainer which is normally recommended for use during fabrication & flushing of pipelines. These are wafer type and can be mounted directly between flanges.
Size -25 mm to 600 mm
Material - Fabricated carbon steel , SS 304 , SS 316.

Additional Information:
Production Capacity: 100
Delivery Time: 15 Days

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 nos
Media Resin Trap/Media Trap/Sand Trap
Size/Dimension 1" to 24"
Material SS316 / SS316L
Brand Perfectplus Engineering India Pvt. Ltd.
Automation Grade Automatic
Country of Origin Made in India