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Acid Ejectors/Caustic Ejectors Manufacturers/Suppliers/Exporters in Pune from India

Our company “PerfectPlus Engineering India Pvt. Ltd.” is one the leading manufacturers, suppliers, exporters of Acid / Caustic Ejectors in Pune from India.

Acids are a type of chemical that is used to soften or remove materials from substances. When an acid is mixed with the substance, it reacts with the other chemicals present in it, causing a certain reaction. In this reaction, the substance becomes neutralized and can be easily removed by washing down.

What is the Purpose of Acid Ejectors?

Acid Ejectors manufacturers are the devices used by professionals in the industry of mines, petroleum, chemicals and mining industries to control processes that produce acids and other hazardous materials. They are also used in other industrial areas like food & beverage, plastics, paper and pulp mills and in various branches of the construction industry. Acid-Ejectors manufacturers are commonly used in industries like mining, chemical & pharmaceutical manufacturing, and food processing. They can be used to neutralize any type of acid or industrial waste. They are helpful for the environment since they help to decrease the levels of any harmful chemicals in the air and water.

Application :

The application of acid ejectors manufacturers is widespread in the food and beverage industry. These devices have a variety of uses, from degreasing equipment to lowering the pH of liquids.

Caustic Ejectors:

Caustic Ejectors manufacturers are a type of high-pressure firefighting foam used to neutralize the effects of a spill, leak or fire.

What is the use of Caustic Ejectors?

Caustic Ejectors suppliers are used to cleaning clogs in a sewer system. They contain a chemical solution which is propelled out of the nozzle at high pressure. This solution, which can also be referred to as caustic, is hazardous and corrosive to human skin and other organic matter.

What is the Application of Caustic Ejectors?

Caustic ejectors manufacturers are chemical liquids that are used to create a chemical reaction with a solid surface. This liquid is contained within the barrel of an ejector hose, where it is mixed with the chemical reagent and compressed into a gas.

Rs 3,000 / Set

Chemical Injection Our Ejectors deliver chemicals more safely and with greater precision and reliability than traditional delivery methods. There is no moving parts, ejector system is also a safe system because the injected material is not under pressure. If the water flow stops, injection stops instantly. Simple to use and self-priming, Our ejectors are able to run dry with no problems and because they are made with special lined material and they last longer.
The system uses differential pressure between inlet and outlet ports to create a vacuum, which draws chemicals through the suction port. Internal mixing vanes help ensure even distribution and installations do not require a pump or motor. These systems are fabricated using superior quality raw material and possess following parts and features Excellent safety because injected material is not under pressure; if water flow stops, injection also stops instantly No moving parts means excellent reliability, ZERO maintenance Uniform distribution of material means accurate delivery Simple to use and self-priming Able to run dry with no problems Ebonite lined / PP Lined corrosive resistance material means long wear life

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Set
Usage/Application Acid / Caustic Dosing
Max Flow Rate 1 - 200 M3
Material MSEL,FRP,PP,Stainless Steel,Cast Iron
Warranty 12 Months
Model Name/Number Perfectplus Engineering India Pvt. Ltd.
Color Red
Customization Yes,As Per Customer Requiremwnt
Ratio 1:5 And 1:1
Country of Origin Made in India